Andre Alonzo Chambers

About Me:

Andre Alonzo Chambers was never a typical child when he was young. Whenever he looked at the world, he always thought about what else could be done besides what was right in front of him. Andre has come a long way thanks to that one piece of advice. He has made a lot of big things happen early in his life and still does so today.

It means grabbing the Tech Horse by the reins and pulling it away:

He was already in charge of people with high-tech when he was just 20 years old. Make sense: The world was moving quickly toward new tools, and those who jumped on board early were going to be the ones who got the most out of it all. There were a lot of people who didn't think 20 years ago that small devices like hands could be so powerful. The power of a smartphone today is about the same as that of a network server two decades ago.

A Natural Step Up to Leadership:

Seeing how powerful computers were, Andre quickly rose through the ranks. This is how it works: he was already a manager in a tech company before he could drink. And the opportunities he saw kept getting better and better, especially for small and medium-sized businesses that could fill niches in markets where big businesses got stuck or needed quick help. His own tech company was up and running by the time he turned 22. He was already providing consulting services to the big companies himself. Instead of getting paid, he was now signing them for people who worked for Andre. And the client list wasn't a cheap one either. In the tech support business, Andre's company helped big companies like Toyota, AFLAC and State Auto and a lot of other big companies.

Market: Taking Part in The Game:

As for Andre, he didn't have to put all of his eggs in one basket either. It was a rough time for the real estate market in the 2000s, so he took advantage of it. He also worked on investment positions in real estate. That put Andre Chambers in a unique situation. He had investments in at least three different states, which meant he saw big differences in regional markets, local economies, and real estate prices. With the help of his partners, Andre was able to turn his positions into multi-million dollar businesses. He started with three homes and worked his way up from there.

A Big Change in Your Life:

He made a big change in his life when 2020 came around, though. Because he worked for a global consulting company, he was always running after the company, focusing on how well it was doing, and how much time he had to spend away from his family. Time to do something else. So, Chambers changed gears a lot and focused on being near the home front a lot more than he used to. He spent a lot of time teaching his kids at home, Chambers worked with small businesses in the area trying to stay afloat during the first COVID storm, and he found more ways to help the community than he had before.

Living a more diverse life:

He also found time to enjoy life a lot more. BBQing became a hobby for the businessman, especially when it came to smoking meat for a lot of flavor. He was so into cooking and grilling that Andre bought a lot of grilling equipment, including a smoker and two separate grills so he could cook at the same time on big meal days.
Travel was certainly a huge part of the fun. The world is a lot bigger than just markets and jobs, and Andre began to look around a lot more. He took trips from Puerto Vallarta to the Alps and down to lower Germany-Bavaria, as well as more simple trips like camping in his own neighborhood.

A lot of things happened, but they didn't take Andre away from his own drive. In later years, he still felt like he needed to come up with, push, and develop business ideas. Among other things, like DMV ASAP, Andre has taken ideas that were going nowhere and turned them around. He has found gold where people only see trash, and he makes new things out of things other people throw away. With the resurrection of DMV ASAP from a shell he took over in 2020, Andre came up with yet another way to make money and be successful online. Even though Andre thinks back to how things were in the past, he doesn't keep that success just for himself. He has given money, grants, and computer equipment to schools in his Las Vegas neighborhood. Because of this, he also found a way to help the local Boys and Girls Club as well as charities that help the homeless, and Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Looking to the Horizon to Find Out What's Coming Next:

He knows that life will keep throwing curve balls and making progress. Because of their resilience, people can get through it all. They can bounce over bumps instead of being thrown off course by them. There will never be a day where everything goes as planned. There is always something that goes wrong, but those changes can also be a way to do something bigger. Andre Alonso Chambers has known this for a long time, and he's used it for a long time and made a lot of money.

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